Wedding trends for Fall are on the rise lately. We are noticing an uptick in so many weddings for 2022-2023 as the pandemic slows. People are wanting to party more than ever before, and incorporate new ideas, color palettes, design, and fashion. Here are a few items we see trending on the wedding scale recently:

-Moody/Dusty colors: Whereas in the past few years, neutrals and blush-tones have reigned superior, some of our more daring brides are focusing on different shades, mainly the blues and greens, with a few incorporated hues in the mauves and dusty roses.

-Metallic bridesmaid dresses: Many brides are tired of the same style or color for bridesmaid dresses. Some are looking to raise the bar by incorporating metallic hues like platinums and coppers and golds into the mix. It’s all about making that “moment” down the aisle pop!

-Glam Pajamas: Why not make getting ready even more fun and fancy? Many of our brides are opting for silk pj’s with feather accents, interesting patterns and textures. Glam jammies seem to be trending and looks like those everyday robes are on the out.

-Bouquet Preserving: This is something we have seen trending on social media lately. Many shops are opening up and assisting brides with keeping their bouquet memories alive. We know of a few wonderful companies that create customized dyed clothing from your dried bouquet, we have also seen pressed geodes, and even bouquets that are pressed into an acrylic mold to be used as a keepsake or even as beautiful beverage coasters. Inquire with us for more ideas!

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