Thinking of hosting your destination wedding in South Florida (Palm Beach and Miami to be exact)? Yes, we do happen to have some AMAZING months where we are nothing but sun and warm weather, but we also have a few times where the rain washes our beautiful state out. Wedding season in Florida is anytime outside our four hottest months, June-September. Our most favorite months to get married in South Florida, are… January and February. Not only is the weather “cooler,” but quieter. Less people, less hectic, less traffic, all pluses in our book!

Although nationwide, many others feel that June, September and October are wonderful months to tie the knot, as a true Floridian, I know a bit better. October is lovely, but we have had multiple rainy days in October, as well as hot spells. January and February also offers less local events, as the holidays are coming to a close, and the Spring Break rush hasn’t hit us. We do want to inform you that no matter what, a back up plan should be in place for any South Florida wedding. Whether that is a tent option, a different room or location on site at the venue, or even providing ponchos to guests. No matter the decision, the couple MUST be on board with a Plan B and love it just as much as the original Plan A. We always make sure our couples know the financial adds with other options prior to booking their venue. Stay tuned for more planning tips!

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