Simply Couture Weddings was born over 14 years ago out of sheer stroke of luck and a whole lot of gusto, while I was designing and planning my own wedding. I am Type-A, no-nonsense Virgo, that likes to get the job done, perfectionism is one of my pitfalls. My passion grew each time I executed an event, and I soon realized that event planning was where I would make my mark in the world.

 Over the past 14 years, I have understood that the more I met other creative professionals in the wedding industry, the more I knew there was a need for assistance. The juggling act of being a small business owner, while running a lucrative business can be beyond overwhelming, and I too, knew that firsthand.

After managing my own successful wedding business for over a decade, I have created SCW Consulting, a space for creative and couples alike- a hybrid of sorts. As a fellow entrepreneur, I vow to hold this space and manage your business and tasks as I would my very own. If you know me, you know keeping everything streamlined and stress-free are the cornerstone of my business. If you are in need of virtual wedding and event planning services, know that I vow to hold your hands and offer my wealth of knowledge to assist in creating your beautiful day. I also insist that each couple deserve a calm, peaceful planning journey, and I absolutely mean it! Calm is my superpower, and boy do my vendor friends and clients know it.

Hello, I'm teresa


Are you ready to have a better work-life blend, enjoy your off-weekends actually "off", taking those family vacations, and keeping the stress levels minimalized? Then, let's go, I'm your gal. 

books, candlelit dinners, gluten free sweets, yoga, tending to my plants &  hanging out with my hubby and boys
  • books
  • candlelit dinners
  • gluten free sweets
  • yoga & meditation
  • tending to my plants
  • hanging out with my hubby and boys

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smiles made


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emails sent


timelines created

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