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Wedding dress looks have run the gamut over the years. From fabulous and frilly, to over the top pouf, to sleek and simple. Now, we have other fun new fashion trends that have been making new waves in the US.

  1. Second looks, and even third! Many of our brides are opting for multiple dress changes throughout the evening. We have seen cocktail dresses, capes, jumpsuits, skirts and (gasp!) even sneakers. To each their own this year. Brides are ready to look and feel their absolute best, and want to showcase that in their fashion choices whether its one or many!
  2. Traditional Bridal Looks are also becoming more popular. Brides are reverting back to the days of yore, and working to re-create the traditional looks again. Think higher necklines, think covered shoulders, and even more traditional veils and blushers. This fairy tale bride theme tends to wane, but not for 2022, it seems here to stay.
  3. Budget wavering and sustainable bridal looks are also on the up and up. Many brides are toning down the dollars when it comes to gowns, and upping budgets elsewhere, or pulling dresses out of the wedding planning budget, and making it it’s own budget entity entirely. Some brides are opting for a less expensive gown, but blowing the budget on accessories, and some are dropping tens of thousands of dollars on the gown, and simplifying the rest of the bridal options. Sustainability also seems to be important. Brides are wanting to re-use their wedding frocks for other functions. Simpler sleeker gowns are now being labeled as eco-friendly and sustainable, so they may be versatile enough to re-accessorize and don again. Which type of bride are you?

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