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As most soon-to-be brides do, the second we’ve got a beautiful ring on our finger we go straight to the planning process; Picking out colors, floral décor, looking for venues, and scouring through bridal mag’s and blogs looking for “the” dress. One of the most complicated aspects of wedding planning, however, arguably the most important is figuring out your budget. Gone are the traditional days where brides’ parents are taking over the all of the finances of the wedding. Modern day couples today tend assist with the finances more to pay for their own wedding with some help from family members. With that being said, taking the time to plan for a budget is imperative, so here at Simply Couture Weddings we are here to help guide you to planning the right budget for your special day!


Here are the steps the creating your budget:

1.    Estimate what you can save.

Multiply the number of months left until the wedding by how much money you and your groom can realistically put aside every four weeks

2.    Talk to your families.

Get up the nerve and ask your parents as well as his to see if they’re planning on chipping in for the wedding. If they are, ask them for a specific dollar amount. If they aren’t planning on helping than now’s also the time to ask any other potential donors, like grandparents, if they’re planning to help out. If no family members can help than you keep working on step one.

3.    Do the math.

Add up your total contributions with or without your family or his family’s assistance. Subtract from that number 10 percent, which you should set aside for cost run overs. Setting extra cash aside for run overs is one of the best thing you and your fiancé can do simply because there will always be an unexpected expense; it is better to be prepared for that than to be caught off guard, trust us!


Here’s a breakdown of the average expenses of a wedding that should help you:

  • Groom’s Formalwear (Rental): 1.1%
  • Favors: 1.3%
  • Officiant: 1.5%
  • Hair & Makeup (Including Attendants’): 1.8%
  • Attendants’ Gifts: 2%
  • Invitations & Other Printed Materials: 2.8%
  • Transportation: 2.9%
  • Flowers: 5.7%
  • Wedding Rings: 6%
  • Music: 6.8%
  • Wedding Dress, Veil & Other Accessories: 7.5%
  • Photography & Videography: 13.6%
  • Reception Site, Meals, Cake & Bar: 47%

*Don’t forget that important addition– YOUR WEDDING PLANNER  (the one that can make almost ANY budget, work–test us)*

Happy Saving! Xo

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We all know that wedding planning in general can be rather stressful even with a fabulous wedding planner, from budgets, to cake selections, to venue selection, to seating arrangements, to finding the perfect dress and so on.  An event we all hope to be fun but tends to be stressful to most brides is registering for your wedding. Here’s a piece of advice ladies, have fun with this! This is the one time in your life where you can pick out almost anything you want in hopes of your guests getting it for you and your hubby to be. Remember it’s like the ultimate shopping spree! I don’t know about you but that sounds like Heaven to me. But in the event that you’re still a little stressed we have come up with some more helpful tips to alleviate some stress for you.


Step one: Plan ahead and start early! (Remember the early bird gets the worm!)

  • As wedding planners you had to admit you knew this would be our first tip!
  • Aim for 6 months out before the big day. This helps friends, family, and guests prepare as well.


Step two: Plan out what you and your hubby to be really want.

  • Make a list of what you two would love to have but wouldn’t buy for yourself.
  • Compare what you already have to what you want that way consolidating is much easier.


Step three: Quality over Quantity.

  • Research the items you want rather than choosing them on impulse. Make sure to know that what you want is durable and long lasting.
  • Make sure it is something you will actually use and not something you just think is cool. Being practical is key here.


Step four: Don’t forget the necessities.

  • Although, it may seem slightly mundane when you’re shopping, but you’re going to need daily kitchen tools beyond the more popular mixers and blenders. Consider registering for brands like Corelle, Pyrex and CorningWare. (These brands are known for their reliability). Don’t overlook the obvious basics you’ll need!


Step five: Most importantly, remember to have some FUN!

  • This is and should be an enjoyable process. So you and your fave guy should crack open a bottle of wine, make your list, share some laughs, and start registering.


Happy Shopping! Xo

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Looking for an adorable cake topper? Want a cake topper that’s screams modern, fun, and unique? Well we have found some that we think are too cute to not share with you!  So often brides and grooms stay away from cake toppers because they feel they are too dated, but we are here to tell you that cake toppers are still in and can make your cake even that much cuter. And for something totally fresh, try cupcake toppers. Yes, they are totally fab too!


Find them on Etsy at Miss Sarah Cake


These adorable cake toppers are:

  • Handmade item
  • Material: acrylic
  • Made to order


And they come in all these different colors:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Bright Pink
  • Pale Pink
  • Green
  • Turquoise Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Navy Blue
  • White
  • Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Cream


“This is a perfect way to get out of decorating a cake! Simply push it in the cake to create an accessory to make your cake unique and have a lasting memento.”


We will make special note that these toppers are made in the United Kingdom so make sure to place your order soon.


Bon Appetite! Xo


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Okay so for our second Flower Friday, we felt it was appropriate to showcase our second favorite flower, the beautiful Phalenopsis Orchid. These gorgeous flowers are incredible at adding wonderful pops of color as well as adding length to your centerpiece or bouquet.  Phalenopsis Orchids are an extremely popular choice amongst brides and grooms looking for the perfect modern touch. Typically Phalenopsis Orchids stand alone as they are normally desired to create a very sleek, chic, and modern touch. However they look stunning when paired with roses, calla lilies, succulents, hydrangeas, peonies, and dahlias. We will leave you with one piece of advice, Phalenopsis Orchids are extremely delicate and temperamental so make sure you have a florist who know exactly what they are doing if this is the flower you chose for your big day. One of our reasons for loving these beauties so much, other than their obvious stunning look, you can get them in almost any color imaginable, so get creative with them and have some fun!


Here are some ways you can show these beauties off for your special day:





To see more inspiration and ideas on Pinterest, see below links!

In a bouquet:

In a centerpiece:

On a cake:

In a boutonniere:

As a place setting:

As an escort card table arrangement:

In your hair:

Happy Flower Friday!

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