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Today, I’d like to talk about choosing your wedding vendors- probably one of the more important aspects to planning a wedding right?! I mean, without vendors, how do you have a wedding? They can either make your day more memorable, or completely ruin your memory of the day. That’s a pretty big deal. So drawing on my experience as a planner and a recent bride, I thought I would share a few things to keep in mind when choosing your vendors.

1. Follow your gut

It’s usually right and should be a good guide to follow. First impressions mean a lot, and so do interacting with them. If you don’t feel comfortable with them now, why would you be on your wedding day? Not every vendor is the right fit for you and not every bride is a good fit for the vendor. It’s ok when this happens. No hard feelings, just move on.

2. It’s OK to contact more than one vendor. Just follow up with the vendors you’ve chatted with.

Sure, you want to shop around, do your research and price out services. We all do it. Not all vendors will be priced the same, and don’t include the same services. **Disclaimer: Please refer to the next point for more on that topic. So go ahead, look around – just make sure you follow up with the vendors you choose not to work with as a courtesy. If they’re a professional, they’ll do their diligence by following up with you and it’s the right thing to do to let them know you’re going in a different direction. As simple as that.

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3. All Packages are NOT created equal. Try not to compare.

Now you might say “Erica, you just said it’s ok to price shop?!” Yes, I did and it is. Just remember that each vendor prices their packages differently, they include vastly different services in their packages and add value because of their specific experience. It would be like trying to compare apples to oranges, it’s not a fair comparison. As a consumer, you are looking to find the service that best matches your needs. Remember to objectively consider each vendors services for the cost. A photographer that is cheaper may not always be better. Consider your budget, but also consider the vendors experience and quality of service when making your decisions.

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4. Be as informative as possible

When you are chatting with a vendor (especially when talking a wedding planner, ladies we need to know ALL the details! We live for details, and they help us help you) divulge what you need. The more information us vendors have, the better we can figure out how to best help you. When vendors ask you questions, it’s usually for a reason other than being a nosey Nora. Honesty is the best policy here.

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5. Don’t negotiate- ask for payment plans.

Budget. The B word. Everyone should have one and you should stick to it. Whatever it may be. So more than likely you’ll have some number that you need to stick to and no matter what the number is – be true to it. When evaluating which vendors to book for your wedding day, you are bound to want to hire a vendor that may be more than your budget allows. If you can’t necessarily afford that vendor, instead of negotiating and asking them to discount their services – ask if you can make payments. This may allow you to afford their services if you aren’t dishing out big chunks of money, but rather making smaller payments along the way. A vendor might be more willing to work with you on this so you can afford to book their services as opposed to belittling a vendors experience and services by asking to pay them less. We usually ask for what we feel our service is worth.

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XO, The Simply Couture Weddings Gals

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PAAAARTAAAYYY! How cute are these personalized shot glasses that we found on Etsy? We totally love these and think that all brides on their bachelorette party should party in style and this shot glass is one of the cutest shot glasses we have seen yet. They can be customized by color to match your wedding colors or bachelorette party theme. Best part, if thing gets too rowdy, these are acrylic so you don’t need to worry about any broken glass. And they are waterproof, so you font will not run off! These are perfect to hand out to your besties or stick in a goody bag for them.

Where you can find these:

The Price: $1.20/glass +tax & shipping.


Happy Etsy Shopping!

XO, The Simply Couture Wedding Gals

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Many couples now-a-days are not following suit to the age old tradition of having the brides parents cover the finances of the wedding. Couples today are saving together to foot the bill. And taking it a step further, some couples are even saving together to purchase the engagement ring. We want to hear from you, is this totally cool or an absolute no? We can see that if you two are openly talking about getting engaged, shopping for rings together, living together, and sharing bills and bank accounts that this could be a suitable option. But does it take away from the element of surprise? Should an engagement ring be something your better half saves three months of his salary for? Should it be something your better half puts thought, effort, and time into, on his own without your financial support? Or is this trend something we should see more of? Does it make more sense to save together and invest in the ring together since it is after a future for both of you? We know this could easily be a heated debate, but try to think about both sides of the argument and let us know.

XO, The Simply Couture Wedding Gals

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If you’re looking for some adorable gifts to give to your bridesmaids at your bachelorette party, or just looking to give your group of besties a cute gift on the day of you wedding, these personalized acrylic tumblers may be the perfect gift. Not only are they reusable, adorable for photographs, and a great detail, but they will never mess up your lipstick!—which is incredibly important on your big day of course! “These are insulated double wall tumblers that hold 16 oz. and are BPA free. They have a push on lid with rubber gasket and matching straw. They will fit in a standard size cup holder, measuring 2.5″ wide and 8.5″ tall. All tumblers will be made with the bride/bridesmaids name and a second line (wedding position or wedding date) in ANY vinyl color you like along. “ And what we love best about these, you can’t spill your bloody mary, mimosa, or favorite cocktail on your beautiful dress. These are also a great memento that you and your favorite gals can drink out of for years to come.


Where you can find these:


The Price: $96.00 + tax & shipping

*This price reflects 7 personalized tumblers. Prices will vary depending upon quantity ordered.


Happy Etsy Shopping!

XO, The Simply Couture Wedding Gals

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{VIA Weddings Illustrated article here:}

Check out our Pinterest board on “Welcome Bags,” here:

Putting together welcome bags seem like an easy task, but let us tell you–it isn’t!  You have to find goodies that are affordable, fun, and represent your state.  Guests from out of town, or typical “destination weddings” always provide a welcome bag.  We have done hundreds, even thousands of these and have a specific “go-to” for destination weddings.  You can always customize your welcome bag to fit your personalities or favorite products.  We have done welcome bags, welcome boxes, welcome crates, and even welcome beach totes.  Give us your budget and we will get to work!  We LOVE the options that Weddings Illustrated showcased in their above article, and we also added a few fun items of our own:


vintage-florida-postcardpintopinterestZazzle vintage-inspired Florida postcard ($0.88,


Couture Confections “I Heart Florida” cookies ($24 per dozen,


Smiley Honey Florida tupelo honey (starting at $3 per 2-oz. jar,

keel-and-kurley-key-lime-winepintopinterestKeel and Curley Key West key lime wine ($13.99,



Citra Citrus Sippers – Plastic Orange Straws (.99,

orange gumballspintopinterest

Florida’s Bubble Gum Oranges ($1.99,


Head to your local Target, CVS, Walgreens, or Dollar Store to pickup these above travel essentials (.99-$4.99)


Etsy I LOVE FLORIDA bag ($20.94, on Etsy AnnKayDesign)


Old Navy Flip Flops UniSex ($2.50, Old Navy Stores or Online)


Sun Chips–order in bulk online


Advil ($12.99/50 packet bulk pack,

*NOTE:  We offer an a la carte option to create welcome bags and delivery from Palm Beach to Miami for you!  Inquire by emailing us! or



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