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We love creative couples, in fact, the more creative, the more fun and exciting—and more work (but we love it of course!) for us. Guest books are mementos from weddings that couples usually just store away and every few years they get dug up from storage so couples can reminisce, laugh, and share stories of their most favorite day, ever! We want that to change! Your guest book should be something you can display, something you are proud and excited to show off, and something that compliments you and your hubby-to-be’s personailities. So we wanted to show you some fun & creative guest book alternatives. We have scoured through one of our absolute favorite websites, Pinterest—of course, and we have found some of the cutest guest book alternatives, from vintage typewriters, to handmade quilts, globes, oversized letters, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.


Here are some of our favorite Guest Book Alternatives:




The Simply Couture Wedding Gals


For more Guest Book Alternative Inspiration, check out our Pinterest board at:

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Each time we scour for Etsy we try to find some of the most fabulous finds, and this week we found this totally adorable light-up marquee sign that says LOVE. We love this sign simply because it is such an adorable sign to use on your wedding day and it can double as a great piece of artwork in your home. It’s eclectic meets rustic-chic, aka it’s fabulous! So don’t hesitate to purchase this gorgeous sign for your wedding. It’ll be perfect for photos or a photo booth, double as adorable décor, and it’ll give extra light.


This “Paper Mache Marquee “LOVE” Sign, is perfect for any special occasion, event, or home decor! Spray-painted with silver metallic and copper to appear as real metal without the heavy weight. Only one cord and plug (included) to light up the entire sign….all you need is an outlet! We have also added a light dimmer switch that includes high, low, and off. Letters are each approx 12″ tall.”


Where you can find this:


The Price: $90.00 + tax & shipping.


Happy Etsy Shopping!

XO, The Simply Couture Wedding Gals

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e24eb5d94bb3a7ebc586ff85304d3f1apintopinterestOur love for exquisite wedding dresses may be borderline obsessive, but one of the many, many fabulous perks of working in the wedding planning industry is that you are always around jaw-droppingly gorgeous wedding gowns—so how could you blame us? Because we have a keen eye for detail it just makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside when we see even the simplest of wedding gowns with subtle but unique details. We strongly believe that it’s the little details that make the biggest impact. So for our very first ‘Fashion Friday’ blog we wanted to showcase our love for ‘backless’ or ‘key-hole’ wedding gowns. We have scoured through Pinterest to find some of our absolute favorite open-back wedding dresses and wanted to share with you. We would love your feedback and want to hear from you what wedding fashion trend you’d love for us to feature next week.


Check out these stunning gowns:



For more inspiration, check out our Pinterest Board, ‘Open Back Wedding Gowns’ at:


Love & Dresses,

XO, The Simply Couture Wedding Gals

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Send guests home with one of these fun and memorable wedding favors. They are sure to delight!

by Brittany Jepsen of The House That Lars Built and via The Brooklyn Bride


Xo,  The Simply Couture Weddings Gals

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VIA Weddings Illustrated by Caitlin Kenney

We’ve all had this experience: You’re flipping through an old wedding album—even one from just a few years back—and your eyes land on the bridesmaid dresses. The inevitable question pops into your mind: What exactly was the bride thinking?

Wedding fashion can be the first thing to date photographs, and the bridesmaid dress is often the true test of timelessness. A bridal gown might age a bit if the bride opts for an aggressively modern style, but bridesmaid dresses tend to reflect the times far more than the bride’s dress. Plus, they’re the bride’s best opportunity to infuse her theme into the wedding party.

So how can you incorporate your favorite wedding trend into your bridesmaids’ dresses, but still keep the look timeless?

Be Bold with Color

Brides in printed dresses Photo: Chris Joriann Photography

If you’re going to go bold, color is safer than silhouette. You’re much more likely to regret a quirky fashion trend than a certain shade. You like that color, that’s why you chose it! Plus, colors come in and out of style much faster than sleeve shapes or hemlines. And many colors are simply timeless. The peplum hem, however, may be in now, but it could easily go the way of midriffs and puffy sleeves.

Beware of Styles You See Everywhere

Top Bridesmaid Dress Trends for 2013: lace

What’s everywhere today can be overdone in no time. Remember how much you loved chevron last year? Like when you daydreamed about sitting in your chevron-painted living room, wearing your stylish new chevron dress while talking on chevron-bedazzled iPhone about your plans for reupholstering your couch in a lovely slate grey chevron? Yeah, we were all there.

Don’t choose a silhouette or style that is absolutely everywhere, because chances are it will age quickly. That being said, occasionally there’s an exception, usually with looks that have always been around but are just having a moment of extra attention. For example: lace bridesmaid dresses. Lace is a classic fabric, but it’s been more commonly associated with the bride than with her attendants. But now, you can find gorgeous lace bridesmaid dresses all over the place—and safely look back on your pictures.

Keep it Subtle with Accessories

Nautical bride and her bridesmaids | Photo: Captured Photography

When thinking about how to pull off your theme, try not to be too literal. You really don’t need much to convey a certain vibe. Accessories are a perfect way to infuse your theme into your bridesmaids without turning their attire into a costume.

To pull off a nautical theme without ending up out to sea, choose a classic navy gown and then pair with blue-and-white striped pumps, an ombre canvas clutch or an anchor charm bracelet. Ask your photographer to snap a few details shots to capture your special touches.

Say It with Flowers

Fall garden wedding gold bridal party | Photo: Luminaire Foto

Instead of relying on the dress to carry off the theme, let the flowers do the work! Sticking your maids in a highlighter yellow dress for your neon wedding palette probably isn’t going to do them any favors—but your girls will totally shine in a neutral dress with a bouquet of fuchsia dahlias, sherbet-orange gerber daisies and sunny yellow ranunculus.

At the end of the day, don’t stress. We can’t anticipate how we’ll look back on today’s fashion, which trends we’ll cringe at and which will stand the test of time. So you just have to go with what you love and what works for your ladies.

When I was a bridesmaid for my friend Amanda, we had some pretty serious discussions about the flowered neckline of her bridesmaid dress. We all loved the dress—the fit was amazing and it looked good on every girl in the wedding party.

But who knows? Maybe fifteen years from now Amanda’s daughter will be flipping through her mom’s wedding album and stop at the picture of us in our royal purple dresses with flowered halter necklines. She’ll glance at her mom, roll her eyes, and say, “Mom, what were you thinking!” And I’m fine with that. In fact, I look forward to it.



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