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The Venue

Choose a spot that can accommodate both your ceremony and reception to save money on rental fees, décor, and guest transportation. And though bare lofts are lovely, they take a lot of rentals to become wedding-ready. Sites that host weddings usually have chairs, tables, bars, and even linens and food built into the price.

Your Date

Every location has an off-season, and when you get married during it, you can negotiate deals. The day of the week matters, too—Thursday, Friday, and Sunday weddings cost less than those on Saturdays.

Food and Drink

Serve the meal family-style to cut down on waste. And rethink wine and beer only: A bottle of wine contains five drinks; a liter of vodka holds 25. If possible, buy your own booze. You may pay a corkage fee, but it’s still usually the less expensive option.


Buy once, use twice. The same blooms that decorate your ceremony can be repurposed as décor for the reception. For the best prices, focus on varieties that are in season, like tulips in the spring or amaryllis in the winter.


It’s never proper to ask for money, but you can request help with a trip through sites like (If you have a traditional registry and wind up not receiving everything on it, check in with your stores—many will offer to sell you the remaining items at a discount.)


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One of the latest trends we have encountered is the sudden change in centerpieces. And we don’t mean a change in the size of the centerpieces, but rather something more drastic. Many brides and grooms are switching up the ever so traditional large floral arrangements with things such as vintage books, fruits, feathers, candles, coral, driftwood, and many more. So get creative with elements that tie together the theme and/or style of your wedding and think out of the box. What’s so great about non-floral centerpieces is that you can save lots and lots of money! Free reign of creativity like this is great for couples who really want to show off their personality, for couples who are extra artsy and love the idea of keeping things very un-traditional, or even for couples who just cannot wrap their head around spending a large portion of their wedding budget on flowers. Of course, you may want to consult your fabulous wedding planners for advice and/or guidance on what route to take if you are considering not using floral arrangements you’re your wedding décor. We are thinking this trend is absolutely fabulous and dare you to give it a try.


Here are some of our favorite non-floral centerpieces:


For more inspiration on non-floral centerpieces, check out our Pinterest Board at:


XO, The Simply Couture Weddings Gals

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We happen to totally love raw, natural wood incorporated into wedding decor. It blends eclectic, chic, and rustic all together to create such a rustic-luxe type of feel. Not to mention it photographs beautifully. We love Etsy because of the unique finds we come across. This find was no different. These beautiful vases are made from 100% natural birch bark. The subtle changes in the wood’s color will easily make your flowers pop. These vases would be great for centerpieces or to use at your head table. And what’s even better about these vases is that they can be custom made. So you can order them to your specification; size, shape, and quantity. These fab vases can be repurposed and used in your home later and even given to some of your guests at your wedding to keep as mementos. Go for an even smaller vase with flowers and use it as creative escort cards or thank you gifts. No matter how you use these, you’ll love them.


“The vase is made of natural birch bark, with a zinc liner. Flowers are not included. It measures 8”( 20.50 cm) tall and 5″(12.70 cm) opening.”


Where you can find these:


The Price: $16.95/vase but custom orders are available.


Happy Etsy Shopping!


XO, The Simply Couture Wedding Gals

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It looks like it is yet again another Fashion Friday and this week we are featuring the cutest ever, striped bridesmaid dresses. This unique twist on bridesmaid dresses is great for preppy weddings, non-traditional weddings, couples looking to have a more “fun” themed wedding, and they are totally re-wearable for your fav gals. We love this because they stripes tend to flatter just about any body type and did we mention how totally adorable they are? What’s great about these dresses is that if your girls are really looking for a dress that is more budget friendly, you can find many dresses like the ones below at stores like J.Crew, Banana Republic, Francesca’s Collection, Loft, and many other stores. They are going to be much easier to find, and typically they will be significantly cheaper than your typical bridesmaid dresses. We hope you love these dresses as much as we do.


Here are some of our favorite striped bridesmaid dresses:



For more inspiration on Striped Bridesmaids Dresses check out our Pinterest Board at:




The Simply Couture Wedding Gals

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Halloween weddings have got to nail it, both style-wise and decor-wise; if not, you are left with a tacky over-the-top Halloween party.  Being subtle is key!  We LOVE Halloween, and have yet to host a Halloween wedding (brides, do you hear that?)  We would love to mix lace with pumpkins, fake vampire teeth with escort cards, and our favorite “black and white” color palette, with color pops!  We scoured Pinterest and found our absolute FAVE Halloween wedding inspiration for all you October/November brides.  Enjoy!  Trick or treat!  XO, The Simply Couture Gals



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