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3 Ways to Reduce Stress Before Your Wedding

3 Ways to Reduce Stress Before Your Wedding



There are not very many things in life that can induce stress on a couple (especially the bride) the way a rapidly approaching wedding can. While we like to believe we live in a more inclusive world of mixed baby showers and co-bachelor/bachelorette parties, let’s be honest ladies; most of the planning (as well as the work) falls to us.

And while deep down that may actually be the way we prefer it (just so we know nothing gets screwed up), it still doesn’t mean that it is fair that one half of the party carries nearly all of the stress. So here are three quick and simple ideas to help you decrease your stress and anxiety levels as much as possible, allowing you to better enjoy what should be the most incredible day of your life:


Learn to Delegate

This is probably the most essential thing that you can do in the early stages of planning, as well as when the day is almost here. It’s almost a universal agreement among wedding experts and professionals that you hire a planner very early on in the process, as this will handle the bulk of the delegationfrom there.


After that, don’t be shy about asking your friends, family, or bridal party to take care of little errandsfor you. After all, not only should they do it because they love and care about you, but also because it kind of goes along with the territory of being in the bride’s inner circle in the first place. And truthfully, it’s not like you wouldn’t or haven’t done the same thing for them (and for some of them, maybe more than once).


Get a Full Night’s Rest

While bringing in a professional to handle the planningand execution of your wedding might be the most important thing you do early on in the process, without a doubt getting the proper amount of sleep the night before the wedding is the most important last thing you need to do in the process.


We know that outside of Christmas Eve when you were a little kid that this is most likely the most excited and nervous you have ever been waiting for the next day to come. But there have been countless studies performed on the effects of lack of sleepand their correlation to increased stress and anxiety levels. Making sure that you go to bed early and go through a full, natural sleep cycle can make a significant difference in your mood and attitude the next day.


Get All of the Extracurricular Planning Out of the Way

Once the “I Do’s” are said, the dinner, dancing, and champagne finished, and the getaway vehicle thoroughly defaced, the next step is the first trip you will take together as a married couple. Having the details out of the way beforehand will take away anylingering anxietythat you may have about little tasks or chores that still need to be completed. Things like passports (if you are honeymooning out of the country), packing, travel and hotel reservations, or anything else concerning the next few days can usually be taken care of prior to the wedding.

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