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What’s The Deal With Wedding Registries?

pintopinterestWhat’s The Deal With Wedding Registries?

by Wendy Dessler

Unless you have spent the last decade in a cave, you have probably had a friend or family member invite you to a wedding. Chances are good that the words “wedding registry” came up. Wedding registries are a hot trend in the industry.

What are wedding registries and why are they so popular?

Today’s couple is getting married in their late 20s. They graduate high-school and go off to college. When they have their degree, they secure a job using their skills. If they have fallen in love, they usually move in together. They may even have a child together. When this modern couple decides to get married, they already have everything they need. This couple may even be concerned that wedding gifts will take up precious household space. Few couples feel it is appropriate to ask for money designated for the honeymoon. The modern wedding registry was created to give the couple and their guests an alternative way to gift the bride and groom.

Honeyfund is the number 1 wedding/honeymoon registry in the world. Honeyfund allows the couple to register online. They then list things or activities they want as a wedding gift. Their guests can access the registry from their computer or phone. There is no charge for the guests to use the site. Depending on the type of account they set up, there is little or no charge to the couple. The ease of being able to give a gift that the couple wants without making a trip to one or more stores makes this a very popular option.


What can you list on your Honeyfund?

You can use your Honeyfund for anything you want. What are “hot items” depends on the age and activities they are interested in.  Your Honeyfund can be used for physical items, like small appliances or they can be used to request a once in a lifetime experience. Here are some examples of things couples have added to their Honeyfund:

  • Stargazing in Hawaii
  • Hot air balloon rides in Colorado
  • Private jet tickets to Mexico
  • A night stay in a 5-star hotel
  • Shopping in New York City
  • Whale watching tour
  • Train tickets to travel across Europe


They can also list traditional gifts like:

  • Gourmet Coffee Station
  • Towels and linens
  • Dishes
  • Small appliances
  • Cash

If you need a store…

Sometimes a guest just likes things the old fashion way. They want to go to an actual store and buy a traditional gift. Lucky for you, you can set-up a traditional registry at the store of your choice online. Your guest can visit that store and make the purchase. If you have listed the same gift on your Honeyfund and the department store, be sure you remove it from your Honeyfund once it has been purchased.

Other alternatives

  • Amazon

There are few things you cannot get on Amazon. If it can go in a box, they can send it to you. This is an alternative for specialty items and things that are unique and hard to find.

  • Gift Card

Honeyfund understands that some people hesitate paying toward something. If the event you have listed costs $500.00 and they are gifting you with $100.00, they don’t like the idea that someone else will have to contribute to the activity if you are to go. This gifter can purchase a Honeyfund Gift Card. The couple can then apply the dollars to the event or item of their choice.

There are many ways to fund the wedding and honeymoon of your dreams. Honeyfund makes it easy. Set up your Honeyfund as early as you can and watch as your event is transformed from dreaming about it to doing it.

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