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Fashion Friday Blog::Wedding Veils


TGIFF… wait what? You’re probably reading that and saying, oh those Simply Couture Wedding Gals totally forgot to look over their grammar and edit that. But nope we meant it; it really is TGIFF… Thank God it’s Fashion Friday, of course! What would an exciting Friday be without our weekly fashion Friday blog? This week we are featuring veils. Veils are not for every bride, we understand that, but we still love them and think that if you’re on the fence about wearing on, this blog may help you finalize your decision on whether or not to wear one. We are featuring 3 different style veils, the cage veil, the fingertip veil, and the blusher veil.


The cage veil is a shorter styled veil. It frames and covers your face or a small portion of your face. This is to create a very simple, chic, and minimalist look. It is typically made from tulle or a wide net. It is typically embellished with some sort of flower, bling, or applique that sits in your hair. The best way to wear this style veil is to let it fall just below the edge of your nose.


Here are some of our favorite cage veils:


The fingertip veil is probably the most wide known and popular style of veil. This veil is typically what most brides envision when they think about a veil. This veils falls bellow the hips and extends to the fingertips. (Hence the name.) You can wear a fingertip veil on the crown of your head, slightly behind the crown of your head, or if you’re wearing your hair up than just above your updo.


Here are some of our favorite fingertip veils:


The blusher veil is any veil that covers your face. It is made from tulle, and can come in varying lengths, from your chin, shoulders, and even to our fingertips. The blusher veil also doubles as a double-tiered veil because of its two layers of tulle; one layer to cover your face, and the other layer a draped behind your head. A blusher veil should be fastened to the crown of your head.


Here are some of our favorite blusher veils:


XO, The Simply Couture Wedding Gals


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