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Q+A with Teresa

Your Wedding Planning Questions, Answered


Do we need to have a certain budget to be able to work with you?

Our typical couple has a budget that starts somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000. Knowingly, we’ve worked with many clients that have other budget ranges from intimate to extravagant.  Every one of our clients is different and so are their budgets, so each and every variable is put into consideration in the planning process.  We don’t stress about the size of your budget, but want to also consider practicality and what works within your budget.

What makes you different than everybody else?

Our genuine devotion for our clients is something that sets us apart in the overwhelming wedding industry. Our routine approach to finding what makes our brides and grooms pleased, what makes them swoon, and what makes them bubble over in happiness is the cornerstone of our business. The combination of these emotions is what makes our style irreplaceable. As a team, we work with our couples, their families, their assembled exclusive-to-their-style vendors and venue to create a flawless vision brought to life. As wedding planners, we have a natural talent to pool your resources, vision, and details, into one extraordinary final product.

Now down to the nitty gritty of it:

1)  We want you to have it your way, since it is YOUR wedding.  Whether you have a small or large budget we can work with it.  We will decide on a true-to-plan budget from the start and implement vendors, proposals, details, etc. that fit within it.  DJ budget is 1k and the proposal comes in at 2k?  We negotiate, or find another DJ that fits your budget and standards.   If we know you are abundant with some of your ideas, we pull back the reigns and let you know that ahead of time so you are conscious of it.  We are cool with having your dogs be your ringbearers, your processional music being a John Legend or Sam Smith song, and we will definitely not think you are crazy if you want to say your vows a la Dr. Seuss.  That’s just us, we go with the flow and fight for whats right (and for you!)–if you are not like us, we may not be the right fit for you!

2)  We have been voted The Knot’s Best of Weddings three years running.  That has got to say something about us and our relationship with our couples and their families, right?

3) You get two of us on your wedding day.  You know the saying “two hands are better than one?”  Well in this case, it rings true.  Teresa is amazing with logistics and details, Ashley is fabulous with different personalities, meshing well with guests and family, and calming the bride to avert a crisis.


How many events do you take on each year?

It varies on a yearly basis, but we mainly try to keep the number under 12. Being a boutique firm, we like to let our couples know that on their wedding day (and the days leading up to it) that they are our number one priority and are there for them at the drop of a hat (or champagne glass.. ha!)


Who is your ideal client and who is not?

Well, if you have already scrolled through the plethora of pictures on our galleries, you have noticed that we work well with couples of every race, religion, social and economic status.  You can also gather that almost all of our brides rave about us for different reasons.  I would never want to put ourselves in a box and say “we only cater to the client with a 80k budget that loves peonies and booked a venue on South Beach.”  That would not be fair.  We cater to every client’s style equally, whether you are a hotel, resort or country club couple, the theater or museum buffs, or maybe the couple who wants to marry at a private residence (Teresa’s favorite), or possibly you want a beach or park DIY wedding (Ashley’s favorite), we accommodate all and love all venues equally.  A few things you must know:  we specialize in resort, hotel, and country clubs (as these are a majority of our clients) but can do some outstanding work at a private residence since we get to work with a blank slate.  Our ideal clients shake hands at our initial consultation, and hug us as they leave.  They are happy, have great senses of humor, and love to talk–not only about weddings, but about great restaurants, wine, and vacation spots.  Our NON-ideal client would be someone who would text or email us telling us our job duties, or someone that would have a total meltdown over an ivory flower mixed into an arrangement of white flowers (accidentally) or someone that can’t even crack a smile or get loose on the dancefloor on their wedding day.  If you sound like one of those–stay far, far away–we would never be the perfect planner-client connection.  If you do sound like one of our fun-loving couples, contact us to book your appointment today!



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