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ALL PHOTOS BY:  {Stacey Poirier Wedding Photography}

I do not even know where to begin!  This is truly a wedding planner and client meeting for the history books..I met the bride, Tracie, at a bridal show I was invited to attend by our friend Nicole at Bridal Couture of Boca, and out of the hundreds of ladies I met that day, Tracie contacted me.  (Actually.. I think we were chatting before this via email, but she came to visit at the bridal show…it has been over 2 years so not sure the real story is “real” anymore.. ha!)  After chatting back and forth via email, we setup a consultation one night at a local Starbucks.  Tracie spotted me in the corner of the coffee shop and we instantaneously “clicked.”  Our love of black, white and neon color pops, along with polka dots and dry humor was a match made in planning heaven.  After an almost 2 hour consultation, Tracie decided to book me!  (I was honored and ready for the challenge).

We then had another consultation where she brought in the “big guns,”–Mr. B!  After meeting with them both, Mr. B had one qualm… “Make Tracie happy and be her therapist, her planner, her friend, etc… so I don’t have to hear about all the wedding details.”  I obliged after some laughs, and they signed the contract.  ….and so it began!    If I called ATT to check the amount of texts, or scanned through my email account, I am sure a 1k+++ number would pop up, but I would not change it for the world!  Tracie always used to say if she didn’t get a text or email from me daily she would “text or email me a stupid question (that she probably knew the answer to) just to get a response from me.”  She most definitely suffered from wedding planning withdrawal.  Hahahah!

After almost 18 months of full service wedding planning, we pulled together one of the most fabulous soirees in town!  We went from a glam hollywood theme, and narrowed it down to modern classic black and white themed wedding with a pop of ombre hot pink and touches of polka dots.  The wedding was in October, and guests are STILL raving about it to this day.  The vendors made the night, indeed!  We had a few aces in our back pockets (other than ourselves), including  Poirier Photography, Vision DJ’s, David Sutta Films, Orange Blossoms Florals, Got Smiles Photobooth, A Classy Affair Vintage Rolls Royce, Amazing Event Rentals, and  bakery to the stars–Divine Delicacies Cakes.  We also put together one HELL of a candy buffet fit for a candy junkie!  Our favorite moments were:  Tracie’s walk down the aisle, Mike’s fraternity dance (dedicated to Tracie), seeing the black “sexy” vases (wink, wink)!

I could not say more about this fabulous couple!  We have laughed together, we have been angry together, we have cried happy and sad tears, we have had one hell of a long journey that I would never change.  The wedding day was nothing short of amazing, with the ceremony being held at The Bonnet House Museum and Gardens, and the reception following at The Signature Grand.  We LOVE YOU MR AND MRS B!!!

Below are the photos(and details galore… our specialty) to document our journey springing to life:

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We are all about gorgeous escort cards. What most brides forget, is that escort cards aren’t a detail that should be overlooked. Be creative; play with your theme and/or color. Dress them up, dress them down, play with nature, hang them, drape them, you can even make them edible. Escort cards are a fun detail to play with because there aren’t many rules. They are much less formal (not in the sense of up-scale, rather just less regulation) so you have free range to do as you please. With all of that being said, we found some of the most gorgeous escort cards on Etsy. They are expensive, but if you can swing it, we highly recommend these! You can use them for just your head table, or even just for a dinner party at your house. These handmade flower escort cards are simply stunning. They can be custom made to match your color and/or theme. Each flower is handmade, and the banner with the name printed on it is included! Each flower is hand stained in coffee to give it the perfect vintage feel. We love these beauties and know you will too.

Where you can find these place cards:

The Price: $30.00 for a set of 5 + shipping
*Custom Orders are available.

Happy Etsy Shopping!
XO, The Simply Couture Wedding Gals

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Screen shot 2013-12-02 at 4.55.14 PMpintopinterest


We are SO SO honored to be considered by Grace Ormonde Wedding Style.. but to be chosen, is priceless!  Thank you Erica for believing in us and in our vision for this five star, luxury platinum wedding.

We were brought on board months before this spectacular soiree with some vendors that packed a punch.. first and foremost, they had hired Munoz Photography to capture the event, brought in a killer band and our favorite, Derek Mack Band, one of the best Rabbi’s in Miami,  and topped it off with floral, draping, lighting, and catering by Gourmet Design Catering.  It was truly a night to remember.

The bride and groom wanted something over the top, and the bride was focused on having a night under the full moon, so guests could dance the night away by light of the moon and stars.  The color palette was based on the black tie event, and included black, white, slate gray, and silver shades. We decided on gorgeous rose linens from  Atlas Party Rental, and the most beautiful patterned glass charger plates, with satin napkins. The clear chiavari chairs made the tablescape complete.  The florals were over the top (just what the bride wanted)–loads of white hydrangea, white and pale pink roses, and over 10 sprigs of white orchids, draped over a enormous glass vase for the round tables, and a shorter variance on the long tables complete with plenty of flickering candles at the base.

22391-436pintopinterest 22391-443pintopinterest22391-442pintopinterest

The main entree selection had classic tastes:  Chilean Sea Bass and Filet Mignon, with the fun twist of “mini” appetizers at cocktail hour.  (The bride and groom LOVED the idea of mini sliders, mini shots of french fries and ketchup, mini potato knishes, mini crab cakes, mini mac and cheese cups, and so much more!)  The food continued topping the charts all night–since the bride is a sugar queen!  She insisted on having the BEST mini dessert bar and a bananas foster station.  Well, she got what she wanted, all right.. check out the pictures below…  Oh yea, and don’t forget the gorgeous cake we designed  to match the tablescape, complete with Swarovski crystal monogram cake topper!


There were so many amazing images… I will let them do the talking.  We were HONORED to be apart of this fabulous event and we wish Shani and Rich the best, always. (P.S.  Keep a look out for their little Yorkie–he was adorable and def stole the show as guests were greeted)


XO, The Simply Couture Weddings Gals

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{Via Style Unveiled:}


Do I have to send a Save the Date? I would rather use that money toward my invitations, and we’re still deciding our guest list.
Nope!  If you have many out of town guests, or you’re planning a destination wedding and need to suggest travel accommodations, it’s best to give your guests information in advance so they have ample time to make travel plans.  If that comes in the form of a Save the Date, or a well crafted email or letter, it’s up to you!  A lot of couples I work with love to send Save the Dates featuring one of their favorite engagement photos, or create a Save the Date that is more casual and fun knowing their invitation will be more formal. But if you don’t need to provide information to each guest months before the invitations go out, then you can skip the Save the Date.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette from Paper Bloom Studio / / Portland Oregon Wedding Stationery and Invitations

How many wedding invitations should I order?
Keep in mind that you are sending invitations to households, not individual guests.  If you have 200 guests, you will not need to order 200 invitations.  Families and married couples should receive one invitation, adults (friends/roommates) living in the same house should each receive their own invitation, and young adults over age 18 should receive their own invitation.  Order 10-15 extra invitations in case of any last minute additions, returned invitations, etc.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette from Paper Bloom Studio / / Portland Oregon Wedding Stationery and Invitations

I’m worried about spending too much on my invitations because my guests will just throw them away, so I’d rather get them really cheap. Is it a bad idea to order from Costco?
Your wedding invitation (or Save the Date card) sets the tone for your wedding.  It tells your guests what they can expect– is it a formal affair where they should plan to wear black tie? Or maybe a casual beach wedding where shoes are discouraged? Will you have a lot of guests that will need to travel to the wedding?  The invitation should get your friends and family excited about celebrating the start of your new life together.  They are participating in such a beautiful experience, and it’s important the invitation reflects the event. That doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars on invitations.  Just be aware that the flimsy paper and poor quality printing could send the wrong message and leave little to be excited about.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette from Paper Bloom Studio / / Portland Oregon Wedding Stationery and Invitations

Where do I include registry information?
On your wedding website!  If you don’t have a website, the best way to inform guests of your registry is word of mouth.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette from Paper Bloom Studio / / Portland Oregon Wedding Stationery and Invitations

Some of my friends are in brand new relationships (and I haven’t met their new beau), or are single and want to bring a random date to my wedding.  What do I do?
It’s important to think about each guest in question.  Will your friend know other people at the wedding? Are they part of a group of friends who are all in serious relationships, and they will be the only single?  Think about each persons comfort and allow them to bring a guest if there’s a chance they would feel uncomfortable being alone.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette from Paper Bloom Studio / / Portland Oregon Wedding Stationery and Invitations

I love kids, but I really don’t want children at my wedding. Can we put “no children” on the invitation?
The traditional way to handle this is to simply exclude the children’s names on the invitation envelope. Guests should know only the names that appear on the envelope are those invited to the wedding.  If you need to be more direct, you can say “Adult Reception to follow” on the invitation, or add a line to the Reply card that says “____ seats have been reserved in your honor” and fill in that first line based on how many guests in the household are invited.  Be sure to let your family and friends know you prefer no children attend, and they can help spread the word. If you receive an RSVP with the children included (or any extra guest, for that matter), it’s perfectly acceptable to call the guest and politely let them know it will be an adult-only reception. You may want to consider childcare arrangements for out of town guests as this request could deter them from attending the wedding.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette from Paper Bloom Studio / / Portland Oregon Wedding Stationery and Invitations

How many inserts do I need to include? I’d like to keep the cost down as much as possible, but there seems to be a lot of information to provide my guests (directions, a map, parking information, etc).
The idea with the invitation is to make the information as convenient as possible for your guests. These days, many couples ask for RSVP’s through their wedding website, which is also the place where they provide any and all information about the wedding (directions, parking info, information about pre/post-wedding events).  If the majority of your guests are tech-savvy, then this seems perfectly acceptable.  But there will always be those guests who will appreciate (and need) the printed information. Including an RSVP card is the best way to ensure a timely and accurate head count. You can save money here by sending a Reply postcard instead of a card with envelope.  If your guests will be unfamiliar with the venue, or if there is anything tricky about getting there, it’s a great idea to provide a printed card with directions.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette from Paper Bloom Studio / / Portland Oregon Wedding Stationery and Invitations

Can I send a pre-printed thank you note to my guests with a generic “thanks for the gift” message? I don’t love the idea of having to write 100+ cards!
People ask about this a lot!  I know it sounds like a pain to write all those cards, but it’s the right thing to do. It’s can be a lot of effort to attend a wedding so it’s important each individual guest knows how grateful you are that they could attend.  Be sure you send them in a timely manner, as well.  If you wait too long, your guests may worry you never received their gift, or assume you have opted not to send thank you cards.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette from Paper Bloom Studio / / Portland Oregon Wedding Stationery and Invitations

How much will postage cost?  Do I have to apply postage to the RSVP cards?
This depends on the weight, thickness, and size of the invitation. Most invitations with more than 2 inserts usually requires a 2 ounce stamp.  If the invitation is a square or large size, or contains anything that doesn’t allow the piece to bend easily (such as ribbon or a bow), you’ll be charged an additional .20.  Always always always have a full sample weighed before purchasing and applying postage.  And yes, please include postage on the RSVP card as a courtesy to your guests.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette from Paper Bloom Studio / / Portland Oregon Wedding Stationery and Invitations

Do I need a custom designed invitation? I’ve seen several pre-designed invitations online that I like and could just order, but I’d rather work with a small, local business. Maybe you could just copy one of my favorites?
I truly appreciate that you want to work with a local business! However, custom invitations aren’t for everyone.  I can’t and won’t ever copy an existing design.  Most couples who hire me to design their invitations have searched high and low for the perfect invite, and just haven’t found it.  Or they’ve found a few that they wish they could combine into one.  That’s where I come in!  I will take your ideas and create a suite that reflects your personalities and wedding.  I spend a lot of time researching and getting to know you and the vision you have for your paper goods.  This obviously takes much more time, so my prices will definitely be higher than pre-designed invitations.  But you’re walking away with custom, commissioned artwork that was specially made for you.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette from Paper Bloom Studio / / Portland Oregon Wedding Stationery and Invitations

Stationery: Paper Bloom Studio

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