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How adorable are these? These custom-made pillowcases make such a cute gift to give to a newly married couple. They can be used at home or can be such an adorable surprise for newlyweds in their honeymoon suite, if coordinated with the hotel! (Hint, Hint Bridal Party!

Find them on Etsy at Eugenie2!

Their price: $25.00 for the pair.

They can be in either standard or king size.

They come in 5 colors:

  • White
  • Light Blue
  • Camel
  • Sage
  • Cream


They include:

  • A pair of 2 standard or king size pillow cases personalized with Mr. Mrs. a in swooshy antique script and the last name and established year / date under.
    • Handmade item
    • Materials: microfiber, polyester
    • Made to order


Sleep tight,

















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Choosing wedding colors is one of the most exciting aspects of planning a wedding. It is where you can allow your creativity to run wild. However many brides and grooms fear that too much color can make a venue look tacky; well, I am here to tell you that there is nothing to be afraid of! Be BOLD! Pick your favorite color and run with it. The key is to find a color or a small group of colors (3-4 tops) that best suit you and your significant others personality and blend them.

Think about the primary color, red, blue, and yellow. Together these colors may sound like a disaster put when paired with soft pinks, ivory, and hints of gold, you’ve got a pretty fab design. Remember there are many shades of every color, so if you love strawberry red and you’d like to incorporate blue and yellow look for mutes tones such as navy or pastel yellow. This allows your red to pop without overpower your eyes. It is not about saturating your venue in just one or two colors, rather to find creative ways in which you can include your colors. For instance, adding fresh strawberries on your cake to bring out pops of red, adding soft yellow flowers such as Craspedia’s with baby’s breath, or even navy napkins on your table topped with a rose or a sunflower.

These color collaborations are a great way to add great style and design to your wedding. So go ahead bring out your inner seven year old and color away, let your imagination take you places!

Other great color combinations you may not think of can be:

  • Tangerine Orange, Wasabi Green, and Ivory.
  • Strawberry and Lime.
  • Ivory, Aqua, and Peppermint Red.
  • Shades of Orange with Sky Blue (for all your gator fans this could be fun!).
  • Classic Lemon and Lime.
  • Soft Mint, Pastel Pink, Hot Pink, and Metallic Gold.
  • Lavender and Green.
  • Lemon and Gray, with Succulents in your centerpieces.
  • Eggplant Purple and Hot Pink.


Remember to have fun with it, 3-4 colors are just enough to tie your design together, any more than that can become too busy to you and yours guests eye. They key is to have the right balance and contrast amongst your colors.  Visit our color palette Pinterest boards where our fabulous intern, Ashley is working hard to create amazing inspiration for all my brides!  Thanks, Ashley!!


Happy designing!


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Everyone loves wedding gifts that are actually usable so why not a Personalized Initial Necklace for your favorite gals?    Visit Lana0Crystal on Etsy!  Your beautiful bridal party can wear these adorable necklaces on your special day and for many special nights to come. These necklaces are perfect for giving gifts with a personal touch!

These beauties are only $18.00-$25.00 each! (These are perfect for brides on a budget!)

Here’s what’s included:

Beautiful faceted bezel glass drop necklace with 16K yellow gold plated hand stamped leaf and hand wire wrapped freshwater pearl. The chain is 17″ long and is gold plated bezel measures 12mmx15mm.

The other color’s available are:

1. Garnet

2. Rose Opal

3. Light Peach

4. Jonquil (Citrine)

5. Khaki

6. Blue Zircon

7. Aquamarine

8. Erinite

9. Emerald Green

10. Lime Green (Peridot)

11. Charcoal

12. Navy

13. Alice Blue – out of stock

14. Clear

15. Smoky White

16. Red Ruby

17. Violet Opal

18. Jet Black

19. Capri Blue

20. Aqua Blue

21. Sapphire

There’s also matching earrings too, that can be found on the link above!


Don’t worry guys, we didn’t forget about you.

Every guy has a favorite sports team, so why not pay tribute to their beloved team with a Custom Crafted Wooden Emblem.  What guy wouldn’t want one of these bad boys in his man cave? And to top it off these gems cost about $45 a piece and they are completely one of a kind!

You can find these and many more at:

NuptialNotion on Etsy!

Here’s what’s included:

1. Handmade item

2. Materials: solid pine, pine, wood, sweat, red mahogany stain

3. Made to order

4. Any sports team

5. Finished with a high gloss.


Cheers! GOOOO (insert team name here!!!!),



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Our new intern for Summer 2013 is Ashley!  We couldn’t be any more excited to have her on the team, if only for a few months.  We are so lucky to also get an intern from our Alma Mater!  Here is some of her favorite things:

Target is the happiest place on Earth; I could spend hours in there just looking around…and buying shoes.

Francesca’s Collection is my dream closet; I own way to much jewelry from there, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My dog is 70 pounds of perfection and the absolute LOVE of my life!

I wouldn’t be who I am today without my amazingly beautiful and supportive family.

My boyfriend, of almost five years is my high school sweetheart, is the most incredible person I know and makes me a better person everyday.

The easiest way to win me over is with a bag of M&Ms, or Ferrero Rocher, or chocolate of any kind whatsoever. (No shame, I am a proud chocoholic!)

I thrive on face-to-face interaction and putting a smile on everybody’s face- it’s the best natural high!

I go on Pinterest like it’s my job. Follow me!

I don’t drink coffee! (I’m nuts, I know!)

I believe a little dash of glitter is the cure to making everything better.

My interest in wedding planning began in high school when I became actively involved in working charity events. This was not unfamiliar territory for me, even as a elementary school student I would plan surprise birthday parties and baby showers for my teachers completely on my own, from invites to décor, to cake orders and getting school administration involved so the parties would run smoothly. Event planning has always been in my blood! The fact that every wedding is exclusive to each client makes business always fresh and exciting.

I am a recent graduate from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor in Hospitality Management. In my spare time I love to cuddle on the couch with my boyfriend and dog to watch a good movie. I also enjoy learning new recipes, cooking for my boyfriend is so much fun because he will eat just about anything, unlike me!


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