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Here at SCW we love a good brunch. I mean who doesn’t love an ice-cold glass of champagne with a splash of freshly squeezed oj & a side of crispy bacon? We are all about the #champagnecampaign over here and one of the newest trends we’ve seen this year is an increase in brunch weddings, and we LOVE it. Living in beautiful, sunny South Florida its nearly always brunch weather and an upside to brunch weddings is that serving brunch instead of dinner to your guests can cut costs tremendously. And did we mention how creative you can get? Envision a waffle bar, you can go with a classic Belgium waffle or our personal favorite chicken & waffles. You can even double it as a desert bar with ice cream & sprinkles. Or you can get equally creative with the always classic eggs benedict. Your cake can be an assortment of stacked donuts and your dance floor lined with bistro lights. We love the playfulness and intimacy of a brunch wedding. So go ahead and gather your favorite people, bring out your favorite outdoor games and brunch it up for your special day. Don’t forget to drink a mimosa or a few. Cheers!






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by Evan Brown

Hashtagging a wedding is awesome and we are completely in love with the idea of Instagramming a wedding (preps and ceremony). There are some downsides to being a social networking bride, but there are also various rewards to make you want to go down that road, such as, having your guest record every moment of the wedding and being able to see it all with only one click on either Facebook or Instagram, thanks to wedding planning apps that make life so convenient.

The craze of hashtag weddings started soon after Twitter was introduced. It has now gone viral on other social networks and couples will do anything to include this in their wedding prep lists. Some are so smitten that they don’t even consider that the guests they are inviting are completely non-tech savvy. Some, on the other hand, spend hours to consider each and every aspect of using social media. This also raises question on wedding etiquettes for them because social media is the new wedding crasher. You could, for example, have issues with random guests snapping your photos and posting them right away. A new social and tech wedding survey conducted by Mashable and The reveals that couples don’t have much control over what is being shared of their weddings on social media. For that reason, thirty-one percent couples are now limiting their guests from sharing on social media. Thirty-five percent still have mixed feelings about it. Surprisingly, a large number of people, 68% to be more precise, want to see their wedding photos posted in real time.

The survey also brings to light how much brides rely on social media for their wedding inspiration and ideas. As soon as the wedding bells ring, they frequently start visiting sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and other online wedding tools to initiate the wedding mania officially. Those tools help them along every step of the aisle way, such as, from creating unique and cost-effective wedding monograms to DIY hairstyles for the big day. Eventually, when the preps are done and the bride and groom are, it’s time to snap photos of the actual ceremony. Every ounce of effort that they put in making the wedding a success can be captured on moment to moment basis for the couple and guests alike. All the amazing wedding planning resources that they used would pay off with their friends and family appreciating every detail of the wedding for days to come.

Here is a selection of trending hashtags that can make your wedding sound just as gorgeous as you deserve. The best hashtag rules include using something that is unique and memorable and using proper signage to guide your guests. If you can achieve that, your wedding extravaganza is going to be a super success. Try using the following hashtags along with your unique ones to make it viral overall and let us know how the experience goes.

• Wedding Hashtag 1: #WeddingHour

This is one hilarious hashtag that became famous thanks to a couple in Detroit. The phrase turned into a viral hashtag once the bride accidentally texted an invitation to a stranger and upon his acceptance tried to backtrack. The uninvited guest promises her, “We still coming.”  This hashtag is perfect when you want to tell the world about your wedding preparations and finding insight and creative inspiration for your wedding. Several wedding blogs and useful wedding DIY directories use it so don’t forget to check this one out.

• Wedding Hashtag 2: #WeStillComing

• Wedding Hashtag 3: #WeddingFail

You can’t appreciate the value of a good thing till you experience a few bad ones. That is just how life is. Where this hashtag reveals some slightly painful moments, it also gives them a touch of humor. One can only pray that they never have to use this for their own wedding!

• Wedding Hashtag 4: #WeddingWednesday

This is another useful hashtag that can help you find interesting stuff over the social media. It can provide you tons of creative input for the preps and photography trends. It can also provide you resource pages to attain valuable information on the right time.

• Wedding Hashtag 5: #DressesAfterDark

If you want to check out the most beautiful wedding gowns and drop-dead elegance of groom’s dresses, don’t forget to use this hashtag on your favorite social networks. This is your one perfect chance to find out what is en vogue in the wedding fashion industry.

• Wedding Hashtag 6: #BridesMaidsGoneWild

Ha ha, that is one thing we all wish to happen at our weddings, i.e. our besties cum brides maids going wild and having fun to the maximum. These are the posts that we are going recall most and so would our guests. Where you may be hesitant in showing the world your wildest moments with friends, those may be the most memorable ones remembered by them all.

• Wedding Hashtag 7: #BrideToBe

Oh, so much can be expressed and shared with this hashtag! From your catwalk practice in heels to final touches from your beautician, this hashtag is to disclose it all. You can babble all you want about the bachelorette party or about the wedding shopping experience. Nothing goes wrong with this hashtag.

• Wedding Hashtag 8: #FlowerGirl

Where you may get carried away with the selfies and bridesmaid mania, you should most definitely never forget about the little angels who become your flower girls. Most couples get special gowns or dresses for their flower girls and matching flower tiaras. You can capture it all on social media with an appropriate hashtag.

• Wedding Hashtag 9: #Bridezilla

Monster Bride? Nah, not so cool! But it could be, if you are posing for your friends on Instagram! Bridezilla hastag can be your way out when you want to vent your frustration on plan delays or any other thing going wrong during the preparation period. On the wedding day, you can simply stick out your tongue and be the wild queen the whole world failed to tame, except for your Mr. Right, right?

• Wedding Hashtag 10: #WeddingDay

Aww, so now that the wedding hour is near and it is your wedding day, do get ready to use this hashtag with couple selfies and lovey dovey poses with your spouse. Wedding day is, after all, your big day and you would want to capture it all – even on the social media.

Bonus: #WeddingTrends

If you want to explore about the wedding trends of 2016 then you need to focus on particular hashtags to fetch you interesting details and updates regarding them. Similarly, #WeddingTrends will help you gather all the information you need to know about different trends related to wedding.


You can also customize your VERY OWN wedding hashtag here:  Check it out!

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surprise-wedding.jpg1334547838pintopinterestWho doesn’t love a good surprise? We certainly love them! I mean think about it, a good surprise can create one of your most treasured memories. Whether it be a surprise that causes you uncontrollable giggles or one that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up, a good surprise has the ability to alter the entire direction of your day, and in our opinion, in the best way.

Now imagine this, you’re newly engaged (and totally still on cloud nine) and it’s time to start dress shopping…. Let’s be honest ladies, we have all envisioned this day in our head a million times over. Will “the one” be romantic & subtle or will it be over the top & full of sparkle? Either way, your dress shopping at the holy grail of wedding dress boutiques, Kleinfeld. Gasp! So dreamy. Now envision standing in a gown that makes you look & feel like the queen you are and you need to pick out the perfect shoe to compliment your gown.
Now that you’ve got all of this on your mind watch this to see these unsuspecting brides get the surprise of a lifetime.
We want to hear from you. During your wedding planning process what has been the best surprise thus far?
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10 Most “WOW” Wedding Details


(photo via

When thinking of standing out in a sea of similar weddings, look no further. We’ve surely got you covered with the top 10 “ways to wow” wedding details, guaranteed to knock the socks off your guests.

Festive cocktailspintopinterest

Arrival Cocktails

I know it sounds silly, but presenting guests who arrive at the venue with an infused water beverage (think spa water), a mimosa (for brunch style weddings), a champagne (for evening weddings), or a nice glass of sparkling cider is sure to be a hit. As guests arrive via valet, or walking into the venue, a greeting with a butler-passed cocktail makes your guests feel special, and gets them in the mood for a relaxed ceremony.

Beverage “Station” Bars

While on the topic of cocktails, why not “wow” your guests with something different than the standard open bar.  These beverage bar ideas are starting to become trendy for weddings and bridal showers alike.  They can include alcohol or an option for those who would rather stick to a non-alcoholic beverage.  Below are our top 10 ideas!

  • Mimosa Bar
  • Bourbon Bar
  • Craft Beer Bar
  • Bloody Mary Bar
  • Sangria/Prosecco Bar
  • Lemonade Bar
  • Iced Tea Bar
  • Infused Water Bar
  • Juice Bar
  • Hot Cocoa Bar

Midnight Snacks

Surprise your guests with a midnight snack or “aftertizer.”  Here are some great ideas for options, sweet and savory!

  • Food trucks
  • Donuts in a bag
  • Mini sliders, pizzas, grilled cheese points, hot dogs and fry shooters
  • Cookies and milk
  • Pancakes and syrup
  • Popcorn
  • Chicken and waffle bites

Trolley for wedding transportpintopinterest

Fun Transportation

Offer your guest some local fun transportation in style. Trolleys, electronic carts, charter boats, buses, horse and carriage.  The options are endless! Keep them on their toes, and arriving on time and in fashion.


Bring your social media to life, and invite your guests in to take photos and capture fun memories from their eyes. Place your social media hashtag at fun spots like the bar, the candy buffet, the DJ booth, the gift or guestbook table. You can even have your band or DJ announce it in the opening announcements. Always fun to spend your honeymoon looking through all the fun photos that your family and friends took.

Hashtag photospintopinterest

 To-go parting gifts

Instead of a typical inexpensive wedding favor like a bell or a glass coaster, why not send your guests away with a fun, memorable treat like a mini emergency or hangover kit?  Here are some ideas to place inside of them:

  •      Visine
  •      Mini bottles of Advil
  •      Airborne packets
  •      Emergen-C packets
  •      Band aids
  •      Bloody mary mix
  •      Small vodka bottle
  •      Personalized sunglasses
  •      Hangover pills
  •      Ginger ale
  •      Tums
  •      Gatorade
  •      Pepto Bismol
  •      Protein Bars

Hospitality Boxes

Welcoming guests to your wedding is of utmost importance, as most travel from other states/countries to attend your event. It is only proper to greet them accordingly. A kit full of some decent sized waters, custom soaps, a few snacks, a bride and groom favorite, along with a personalized welcome note and itinerary would be practical and perfect!


Hire a babysitter/host games for the kids

Hire a few babysitters based on your guest count of those with children. Utilize a room close to the reception space so that parents can pop in on their children often throughout the long evening. Make sure you have a cute basket of snacks, a few fun DVD’s or portable DVD player, some board games, and crafts. If you have an outdoor space, you can even host a fun relay of games for the kids (tiring them out), and then have a back-up room for them to relax. Parents will love you!

Secret singers/musician

Have you ever been to a ceremony where random secret musicians or singers popped up in the crowd of guests and sang to the bride and groom and awed the people? This is an ideal surprise for large weddings.  Think of the movie Love Actually–having a group of musicians/singers serenade you and your new spouse to the tune of your most favorite songs. You can even have them seated in the reception as guests and secretly have them pop up during a silent time, possibly during first or main course and croon for your crowd. What a memorable small secret suggestion that will be spoken about for years to come!

Surprise musicianspintopinterest

Setup reception with pre-planned necessities 

Rain forecasted? Have umbrellas ready on site. Forecasted swell of heat? Have fans and parasols ready. Forecasted freezing temps? Have pashminas ready. Always prepare early, and wow your guests with items already thought of to ease their minds, and make you the superstar couple. Here are some great details guaranteed to impress:

  • Bug wipes
  • Sunscreen bottles
  • Restroom emergency kits
  • Flip flops for the dancefloor
  • Slippers upon exiting
  • Tissue packets for ceremony
  • Mini water bottles for warm ceremony locations

Simply Couture Weddings is an award-winning boutique event planning firm located in Palm Beach, Florida, that specializes in the art of detail. Their premium featured work has been published in many publications and online blogs, including the popular Style Me Pretty blog, Munaluchi Bride, and Trendy Bride magazines, and Grace Ormonde Wedding Style. They have been awarded for The Knot’s Best Of Weddings in 2013, 2014, and 2015. Their genuine devotion for their clients is something that sets them apart in the overwhelming wedding industry. See their work at


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Home Buying Planning and Preparation as Newlyweds

(featured blog by Wendy Dessler)

When you have a two income family, as most newlyweds often do in today’s world of inflation and expensive purchases, there are a number of things that you need to consider when buying property.Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 10.00.10 AMpintopinterest

No doubt you are looking for a home in a great location perfect to start a family. And you’re obviously trying to find a property that you can buy at a reasonable price. Young couples around the globe often need a new home as they begin the beautiful adventure of starting a family.

Remember, a home is a huge commitment, and in most cases it’s where you intend to settle down for the next 20 to 30 years. It’s important to think of your immediate needs today, but you also have to plan for the future and consider your needs – as best you can – in years to come.

With that said, we’re here to help newlyweds plan for today and many years into the future.

Important Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Dream Home

Before you even begin looking at homes, it’s best to figure out all of your needs ahead of time. This way you can find the ideal home – and one suited to meet all of your needs – with the minimal amount of effort.

Please consider the following questions prior to looking at any properties:

  • Do we plan to have any children? If yes, how many?
  • Are we looking to buy a house, a town house, condo, a multi-family dwelling?
  • What type of house are you hoping to buy? Do you want a fixer-upper? A house in pristine condition? An average home that can use a little work but not too much?
  • Are you ready to spend money inspecting the property? Look for termites, water damage, whether or not it is structurally sound, and more.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when finding and buying a home as newlyweds. Spend some time figuring out your wants, needs, and desires beforehand. Remember, this is a huge investment and you have to get it right. Otherwise you might be surprised when you run out of room for all of your wonderful kids in the future or you find out that you have more space than you’ll ever need.

Are Your Finances in Order?

Before going to a creditor to ask for a mortgage, you better have all of your financial ducks in a row. Otherwise you’re just putting yourself in an awkward situation when no lender will extend you credit for your mortgage.

Consider the following critical financial issues prior to applying for a mortgage:

  • Do you have enough money on hand to pay 10% to 20% for a down payment? Without funds available for a down payment, lenders will not take you seriously. If you lack the money, consider free fundraising as a viable option to get the money you need to pay for your down payment.
  • Is your credit in order? Run credit reports with all three credit bureaus (Transunion, Equifax, and Experian) and determine if there are any negative marks that could hurt your chances when obtaining credit. If so, take the necessary steps to remove these unwanted blemishes on your record.
  • Are your debts in order? If you have too much debt, mortgage lenders might consider you a credit risk. If this is the case, take care of extraneous debts so that your chances of qualifying for mortgage improve.

Please use this guide when planning and preparing to buy a home as newlyweds.


Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 10.00.18 AMpintopinterest

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