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Tired and Angry?

Sleep Deprivation Could Be Behind Your Latest Argument


It’s no surprise that weddings come with some stress. However, you may not have anticipated disagreements popping up in the most unlikely of places. Differences of opinion are to be expected but if sleep deprivation is at work, small disagreements can grow into full-blown arguments. These unexpected outbursts often stem from a chronic lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation doesn’t have to be your norm. With healthy sleep habits in place, you can get the rest you need so you can enjoy planning your wedding.

Fueling the Fire with Sleep Deprivation

Stress and sleep deprivation go hand-in-hand. In fact, they feed and fuel one another. As your wedding stress starts to increase, you’re far more likely to lose sleep at night. Sleep deprivation begins anytime you get less than seven hours of sleep. At that point, the brain changes the way it functions.

The brain’s emotional processing center becomes oversensitive and reactive to negative events and thoughts. The portion of the brain that usually applies logic and reason to your emotions becomes less active. It’s dwindling influence magnifies the effects of your emotions. Consequently, you’re more prone to overly emotional reactions that blow disagreements out of proportion.

Bring Balance with Better Sleep

You don’t need to be held hostage by a lack of sleep or emotions run amok. Your sleep patterns are highly reactive to your personal behaviors, which means healthy sleep habits can help.

  1. Pay Attention to Your Sleep Environment

The bedroom needs to be an oasis where you can fully relax in a stress-free environment. To improve the quality of your sleep, you’ll need to eliminate as many outside interruptions and distractions as possible. Light streaming in the windows, the noise of passing cars, or uncomfortable temperatures can contribute to sleeplessness. Depending on your circumstances, you may need blackout curtains, a white noise machine, or a table fan to create better sleep conditions.

2. Push Sleep Up the Priority List

It’s easy to work on wedding plans late into the night, but sleep needs to be at the top of your priority list. You can do that by establishing a regular bedtime and sticking to it. You’ll help yourself even more if you keep your bedtime on the weekends too. Your brain will anticipate your bedtime and automatically release sleep hormones so you feel sleepy at the correct time.

3. Use Your Bedtime Routine to De-Stress

Bedtime routines are invaluable when you’re under a lot of stress. They not only trigger the release of sleep hormones but also provide an opportunity to bring your body to a calm, relaxed state. Include activities that you find relaxing. For some, that may be a warm bath while for others it may be 10 to 15 minutes of meditation.

4. Turn the TV (and Other Screens) Off Early

The bright light from electronic screens, whether a television or e-reader, can suppress sleep hormones. The content on your screen can also be overstimulating and keep your mind working long past your bedtime. Some devices have a night or night shift mode that allows you to change the spectrum of the screen’s light so it doesn’t interfere with sleep hormones. However, your safest bet is still to turn everything off two to three hours before bed.


When you’re preparing for one of the happiest days of your life you don’t want to be caught up in avoidable squabbles. With adequate sleep, you can spend your pre-wedding time growing closer to your partner in preparation for your new life together.

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Look Great with Your Date this Winter Wedding Season

So you’re attending a wedding this winter season. You’ve researched wedding gift ideas and made the perfect choice, RSVPed in time and picked your date for the special day. Now the only thing left to figure out is what to wear! If you and your date need some inspiration for putting together the perfect look this winter wedding season, look no further. We have put together a guide for finding the right style as well as color pairings for a winter wedding. Here are a few wedding attire styles as well as winter color combinations we recommend to make sure you and your date look great.


Bold & Romantic

Bring a warm feeling to any winter wedding with a more bold and dramatic color like marsala. For this colder season, think of wearing a dress that is longer and perfect for the wedding’s theme. We love this beautiful ivy marsala maxi dress from Tobi. To match your date, think of pairing marsala with a neutral color like navy. Navy is similar to black and has a way of maintaining a look that is sharp and formal. If you’re choosing to wear a marsala-colored dress, we recommend styling your date in a navy suit from. We’re big fans of The Black Tux’s suit and tuxedo rentals collection, which has a few different lovely shades to choose from including a bold blue, midnight pin dot, and classic navy. In this color combination, you and your date will boldly compliment each other.


Earthy & Sophisticated

When thinking about what to wear for someone’s big day, an important question to keep in mind is, what is the theme of the wedding? Is the wedding more relaxed and casual, perhaps an outdoor or rustic affair? If you’re attending a wedding inspired by the countryside, we recommend an earthy color pairing that’s both casual and sophisticated. To achieve this aesthetic, we recommend black and olive, whether that’s a black tux and olive dress or the other way around. Olive is more of a subtle color and looks great accenting the look of a black ensemble. When it comes to a classic wedding look, don’t be afraid to incorporate your own personal style and color preferences with accessories and accents.


Creative & Glamorous

If the wedding you’re attending is more fun and glam, get creative with your date on how you can look relaxed but formal enough for the occasion. We recommend having your date dress in a grey suit. Unlike a black tuxedo, a grey suit looks casual yet classy. Grey is a neutral color that goes well with many color combinations, but we recommend being a little bit more bold and playful with your color choice. Try accenting your wedding day outfit with the color plum. Although purple might not be viewed as a winter color, plum is charming and looks good on anyone. Purple accessories like bow ties and pocket squares  look great paired with your date’s grey suit. At the wedding you and your date will look casual, put together and ready to have great time.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to have fun and get creative with matching your wedding date. Talk to your date ahead of time to get some ideas that you both agree on and don’t be afraid to reach out to the bride or groom for an idea of what to wear to their wedding. Take chances, wear a color or style you normally wouldn’t and enjoy the wedding you’re attending.

What’s the best advice you have for matching your date this wedding season?

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pintopinterestWhat’s The Deal With Wedding Registries?

by Wendy Dessler

Unless you have spent the last decade in a cave, you have probably had a friend or family member invite you to a wedding. Chances are good that the words “wedding registry” came up. Wedding registries are a hot trend in the industry.

What are wedding registries and why are they so popular?

Today’s couple is getting married in their late 20s. They graduate high-school and go off to college. When they have their degree, they secure a job using their skills. If they have fallen in love, they usually move in together. They may even have a child together. When this modern couple decides to get married, they already have everything they need. This couple may even be concerned that wedding gifts will take up precious household space. Few couples feel it is appropriate to ask for money designated for the honeymoon. The modern wedding registry was created to give the couple and their guests an alternative way to gift the bride and groom.

Honeyfund is the number 1 wedding/honeymoon registry in the world. Honeyfund allows the couple to register online. They then list things or activities they want as a wedding gift. Their guests can access the registry from their computer or phone. There is no charge for the guests to use the site. Depending on the type of account they set up, there is little or no charge to the couple. The ease of being able to give a gift that the couple wants without making a trip to one or more stores makes this a very popular option.


What can you list on your Honeyfund?

You can use your Honeyfund for anything you want. What are “hot items” depends on the age and activities they are interested in.  Your Honeyfund can be used for physical items, like small appliances or they can be used to request a once in a lifetime experience. Here are some examples of things couples have added to their Honeyfund:

  • Stargazing in Hawaii
  • Hot air balloon rides in Colorado
  • Private jet tickets to Mexico
  • A night stay in a 5-star hotel
  • Shopping in New York City
  • Whale watching tour
  • Train tickets to travel across Europe


They can also list traditional gifts like:

  • Gourmet Coffee Station
  • Towels and linens
  • Dishes
  • Small appliances
  • Cash

If you need a store…

Sometimes a guest just likes things the old fashion way. They want to go to an actual store and buy a traditional gift. Lucky for you, you can set-up a traditional registry at the store of your choice online. Your guest can visit that store and make the purchase. If you have listed the same gift on your Honeyfund and the department store, be sure you remove it from your Honeyfund once it has been purchased.

Other alternatives

  • Amazon

There are few things you cannot get on Amazon. If it can go in a box, they can send it to you. This is an alternative for specialty items and things that are unique and hard to find.

  • Gift Card

Honeyfund understands that some people hesitate paying toward something. If the event you have listed costs $500.00 and they are gifting you with $100.00, they don’t like the idea that someone else will have to contribute to the activity if you are to go. This gifter can purchase a Honeyfund Gift Card. The couple can then apply the dollars to the event or item of their choice.

There are many ways to fund the wedding and honeymoon of your dreams. Honeyfund makes it easy. Set up your Honeyfund as early as you can and watch as your event is transformed from dreaming about it to doing it.

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pintopinterestWe’ve all seen them…the nightmare wedding movies where the overzealous bride-to-be takes her passion for a single (often neon) color way too far. It seems like a can of paint exploded inside the wedding tent. Everything is glow-in-the-dark pink, from the flowers to the cake to the groomsmen’s tuxes and bridesmaids dresses. It’s not a good look. Not at all.

Yellow is another example of a tricky color to work with, easily taking over a palette and drowning out less bold colors. However, incorporated in its pastel form as summery yellow bridesmaid dresses, or even in a brighter version as chunky vintage jewelry against a grey dress, it is the perfect warming color in a palette.

Many, many couples have erred on the side of too much of one color when just an accent would due. You don’t have to resign yourself to their fate, though! There are warning signs and great tips to help you add color to your wedding without dominating the décor.

Choose Your Palette

Lots of considerations go into choosing your color palette for your wedding. There are your venues and the influence of the décor at each site. Your personal favorite shades clearly go on the list, but so do your impressions of which colors look good with your skin tone, your hair, and even your body type. You might think about your favorite flowers and what colors are available, and you’ll probably spend some time searching for inspiration on wedding boards and on trusted websites.

While you can choose a single color as your official “wedding color”, a palette of two or three complementary but different hues is highly recommended. Having more than one focal color gives you options down the road when you have to choose personal flowers and arrangements. It also helps you balance out your hues so no one color takes over.

Making Fashion Choices for Your Bridal Party

You have a lot of options for applying your color palette. Some brides pull one accent color out and ask their bridesmaids to find a dress of any style in that color. You might have 4 or 5 different styles of pink bridesmaid dresses, for example, but all in the same shade. The flexibility is usually appreciated by your bridal party and with a little guidance, you don’t usually end up with styles that are grossly unflattering next to each other.

Other brides will search for gowns and choose a style or two, but in more than one complementary color. You could have some of your wedding party dressed in yellow bridesmaid dresses and others in grey ones. If you’re hosting a fall wedding, you might even have each of your bridesmaids dressed in a different color of fall leaf. Planned carefully, multicolored bridesmaid dresses can work out very well.

Address Your Décor

Another way to prevent one color from dominating your entire color palette is to choose a neutral color as the base for your guest tablecloths. The color should be different from the bridesmaid dresses so the ladies don’t fade into the background of your professional photos. Confer with your florist to decide how you can incorporate your other colors in your centerpieces and display arrangements and offer a pleasant contrast to the simple tablecloths.

These are just a few tips to help you keep your color choices reasonable and harmonious. If you have any questions about your personal color palette, talk to your floral designer and collaborate to find ways to address your concerns.

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Author Bio
Wendy Dessler
Title: Super-Connector at OutreachMama Wendy is a super-connector with OutreachMama and Youth Noise NJ who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition. You can contact her on Twitter.

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Photo cred:  Melanie Gabrielle Photography//Cake:  Earth and Sugar

By Libby MacCarthy
If you want to celebrate your first anniversary with another bite of your pretty cake, here’s how to preserve it for the tastiest result.

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If you’re a bride or groom who abides by tradition, you’re probably already looking forward to enjoying another bite of your wedding cake on your first anniversary. But you’re going to need an airtight strategy (literally) to make that cake last in the freezer. Here’s exactly what to do after your caterer hands you the top tier at the end of the night.

First, know your cake — and set your expectations.
Freezing your cake for a whole year, then expecting it to taste the same as it did on your wedding day is a tall order. A frost-free freezer (which has a defrosting mechanism to prevent icy buildup) can dry the cake out.

But some cakes will fare worse than others: A delicate cake (like angel food cake) is more likely to become stale during freezing, and certain fillings (like custards or fresh fruit) might not maintain their original texture indefinitely. Heartier cakes (like chocolate, carrot, hazelnut and almond) will stand up better to a year in the chill.

Pre-freeze it.
Before you wrap it in anything, immediately place your cake in the freezer until the icing hardens. And if it’s decorated with sugar flowers or any other adornments, it’s best to remove them now, lest they get in the way of the freezing process.

Wrap it up.
Next, remove your cake from the freezer and loosely wrap it in several layers of plastic wrap (now that the icing is frozen, it won’t stick to the plastic). Don’t use aluminum foil — it could lead to freezer burn.

Seal it.
If you’re storing your cake in a box, wrap the box in several layers of plastic wrap for the best chance of preserving the cake’s taste and texture. Or better yet, place the cake in an airtight container. Pop it back into the freezer — and maybe mark it with a ribbon or label so you don’t accidentally throw it out over the course of the year!

Eat up!
When your first anniversary draws near, take the cake out of the freezer, remove the wrapping, then allow the cake to thaw for 24 to 48 hours in the refrigerator. Before serving, give the cake time (2 to 3 hours) to come to room temperature.

Or, just forget freezing and order a replica.
Concerned your wedding cake won’t hack it in the freezer? Have your bakery create a copycat cake for your anniversary — the dessert will be fresh and sweet, and it will still bring back fond memories of your big day.

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