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Best Ways to Practice Self-Care Leading Up to Your Wedding Day


Planning what is considered one of the happiest days of your life can prove to be surprisingly stressful. On top of that, you want to look your best, so you want to ensure you are practicing self-care as often as possible leading up to your big day. How do you find the balance between wedding-planning and taking care of yourself? Here are a few tips.

Start and End Your Day with Self-Care

Typically your mornings and evenings, when you first wake up and go to sleep, are when you have the most time for yourself. After that, the craziness that is juggling wedding planning, work, and social life occurs. Try a dedicate time in the morning and evening to self-care, even if it is just 15 minutes. This can be a quick workout or a relaxing meditation or yoga sequence to clear your mind.

You Are What You Eat

One thing that should never affect your schedule is your diet. Did you realize that what you ingest can have a direct effect on your energy levels, your hormones, and even your mood? Give your body and mind a break by making sure you are only eating foods that will promote positivityand keep your calm. When in doubt, if it’s processed then you probably want to stay away from it.

Put it in Your Planner

While planning a wedding, your calendar will prove to be your best friend and a crux in staying organized and on top of events. If you plan your day by the hour, be sure to add time for self-care and stick to your schedule! This will allow you to not go over on meetings and you will make sure you have time to take care of you within your daily schedule. Be sure to take advantage of delegation as well when mapping out your daily and weekly tasks. If your noisy air conditioning unit keeps you up at night, give yourself permission to call a repairmanto fix it—you’ll thank yourself later.

Be Realistic in Your Timeline

There’s no way you’re going to be able to buy your dress, have your bridal shower, and your bachelorette party all in one weekend if you want to keep your sanity. Do some research on sample wedding planning timelinesand be sure to give yourself enough time in between each task that needs to be accomplished so that you can have breaks in between tasks and be able to enjoy your engagement with your partner.

Know When to Say No

Just because you are getting married and everyone wants to have dedicated one-on-one time with you doesn’t mean that you have to stretch yourself so thin that you have no time for yourself. If you can’t make dinner, or you just don’t want to go, that’s okay! Know when you need to say noto certain events or requests. Try and reschedule events with small groups of people so that they are intimate enough to have conversations but large enough that you are taking care of a couple of meetups at once.


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