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Attending a Wedding? Here’s What to Know About Choosing Your Outfit

Attending a Wedding? Here’s What to Know About Choosing Your Outfit

Wedding season is on its way! That means you need to start thinking about what you’ll wear if any friends or family are getting married this year. Although specific wedding dress codes and expectations will vary on a case-by-case basis, there are some relatively universal rules that will apply in most situations. Keep them in mind to ensure you’re dressed right for the occasion.

Don’t Wear White

It may be the oldest wedding fashion rule in the book, and for good reason.

Brides typically wear white gowns. Anyone else who shows up in white will look like they are trying to upstage one of the people actually getting married. It’s a faux pas you want to avoid.

In fact, drawing too much attention away from the bride in general is frowned upon at weddings. While it’s fine to try out a new dress you love, don’t choose something that cries out to be noticed.

Don’t Wear Black

It’s not impossible to pull off black at a wedding, but unless you’re very confident in your understanding of wedding attire etiquette, it’s best to avoid it. People simply tend to associate black clothing with funerals. That’s not the type of mood you want to create at a wedding.

Don’t Be Too Revealing

Consider who’ll be in attendance when choosing wedding attire. Wearing something too revealing or suggestive may not be the best decision. There will likely be children and older family members at the wedding, after all. It’s fine to show a little skin, but make sure you’re dressed appropriately for the event.

Pack Flats

Heels and weddings are supposed to mix, despite the fact that dancing for hours in heels tends to result in major discomfort. Make sure you also have a pair of lightweight flats or supportive sandals on hand to slip into if your feet start to hurt.


Are you expecting to attend more than a few weddings in the near future? Don’t worry about buying a new dress for each one if you’d prefer to save some money. With the right accessories, you can use a dress multiple times, while still making it look and feel like part of a unique outfit.

Celebrate with Color

Weddings in spring or summer give you the opportunity to get colorful. Embrace this by choosing a dress featuring the most popular colors of the season. On the other hand, a wedding in winter may call for slightly more reserved or muted attire.

Don’t be Casual

A wedding is one of the most important events in someone’s life. If they’ve invited you to theirs, it’s a display of massive respect and love. Make sure they know you appreciate the gesture by wearing appropriately formal clothes. Arriving in casual attire will seem disrespectful.

Of course, it’s also always important to pay attention to any specific dress code rules the couple has mentioned. Their taste will ultimately determine how you’re expected to dress. That said, by following these guidelines, it will be much easier to choose the perfect outfit.

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