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What Every Guest Needs to Know


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An amazing article that would be very beneficial for any of our brides to relay to their wedding guests.




– Do not bring a guest unless the couple has indicated that you can- RSVP for the people that are listed on the invitation’s envelope only.

– Make sure to double check that you wrote your name on the RSVP card.

– Even if it is not mentioned, leave the kids at home unless they are a part of the wedding party.

– RSVP on time!


– Don’t text or call the bride the day of the wedding explaining your issues or asking questions.

– Be present for the day! Don’t stay behind a camera or your cell phone… celebrate with the bride and groom!

– The pretty sparkly plates at your placesetting? Those are chargers. They are not to be used as dinner plates.

– Don’t come empty handed. Even the smallest gift is appreciated. If you are purchasing a gift, have it sent to the couples home instead of bringing it to the reception. Cards are always nice.

– Show up on time! Which means… 20-25 mins before the ceremony start time that is on the invitation!

– Read all of the info on the accommodations card and wedding website so you don’t have to ask the bride or groom in the days before the wedding.

– Stay out of the aisle during the ceremony!

– Don’t just grab things that you see. This includes an umbrella covering the photographer’s equipment, candles, centerpieces, and jackets.

– Don’t try to turn your friend’s wedding into your family photoshoot/reunion.

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– Dress accordingly. Please remember to check the weather before you leave. You might want to bring a sweater or umbrella, just in case.

– Dress appropriate for the setting. Turn to the invitation to decipher the style of the wedding and recommended attire. If you can’t figure it out from that, ask around- just not the bride.

– And this should be a given, but don’t wear white!


– Please remember that the bride and groom (and/or their parents) are paying for you to eat and drink. The best thing you can do is enjoy it!

– The couple *really* wants you to dance and use the photo booth!

– At the reception, don’t assume that “extra” favors, cameras, candies, bottles of champagne, etc. are yours for the taking! They could have plans for those things!

– Please don’t leave with the centerpieces unless you’re told to. The vase is probably rented!

– Get to the cocktail hour when it starts, and stay the full time.

– Don’t try to push your way into the reception because you’re ready to sit down. The bride and groom have a cocktail hour for a reason, and there is most likely a plan- you should respect that.

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– Please be mindful of the bride’s wishes. If the planner tells you that the reception space isn’t open until a certain time, it’s for a reason.

– Trust the photographer to get the shots that the bride and groom want. They are going to be happier they picked the photographer’s image over yours.

– Don’t jump in front of the photographer with your own camera during critical events.

– Don’t try to talk to the photographer during the ceremony.

– Don’t take your own photos over the wedding photographer’s shoulder.

– Remember that vendors involved with a wedding most likely know more about what should be going on than you do.

– The couple has hired a professional photographer for a reason- they don’t need their guests to take photos with their own cameras, phones, and iPads. Just sit back and enjoy the moment.


I know that there is SO much more to all of this, and also that each wedding and couple and wedding guest is different. And yes, I could probably take each individual thing and write a full post about it. Perhaps I will one day- but for the time being, I just wanted to get these tips out there for wedding guests. Because when it comes down to it, the bride and groom want everyone to have a great time at their wedding, and these tips will only help achieve that!

Have some other tips to add for wedding guests? Feel free to add your own in the comments! 


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XO, The Simply Couture Weddings Gals

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